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Ali Krieger, Oyster, Nairn traded

Washington Spirit fans have had a lot to deal with this offseason. It started with Ali Krieger being traded for pennies on the dollar. Then Christine Nairn and Megan Oyster were shipped off for more reasonable returns.

With each trade, the Follow Your Spirit team talked about the outcomes and the implications, hoping to glean some perspective and hope.

We welcome our new Spirit players with open arms, but we’re definitely sad to see our beloved Ali, Nairn, and Oyster go. Check out the three episodes we did covering these trades:

Ali Krieger (originally aired Nov 4)

Christine Nairn (originally aired Nov Nov 15)

Megan Oyster (originally aired Nov 23)

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Jim GabarraMegan Oyster

Megan Oyster

Hello Spirit fam! This week’s podcast features defender Megan Oyster and Coach Jim Gabarra.

As I mention in the episode, I was out on business travel and was not able to get any other audio or video out this week, but I wanted to include Coach Gabarra’s post-game from the Chicago game in today’s podcast. I believe his comments and insights are interesting to consider coming out of and going into each game.

After Coach’s comments is my interview with Megan Oyster. Megan talks to us about her life in soccer, her chemistry with the team, the growth of the league, and who may have a body buried in their back yard – spoiler: It’s not who you think it is.

Enjoy the podcast and be sure to watch the Spirit take on FCKC tonight at 7:00 on YouTube!




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