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Joanna Lohman smiles at ref

Jordan Small and Timothy Lawson connect after four weeks since the last podcast. The two hosts cover every bit of news that has released in February, plus a couple announcements for Follow Your Spirit. Enjoy!

Jordan: @Jols98

Tim: @TimLawson21

Follow Your Spirit: @SpiritCoverage

Caitlin BuckleyJordan SmallPodcast

Squadron wish off Reign - Jordan Small and Caitlin Buckley talk Spirit | Photo by Kelley Piper

The second episode of the week features Jordan Small and Caitlin Buckley.

Jordan Small is Follow Your Spirit’s game recap writer and Caitlin Buckley is a contributor at Black and Red United.

Jordan and Caitlin talk about the Spirit’s performance against the Reign, who they believe should get player of the year, the different lineups the Spirit have used, and how they believe the playoffs will shake down.

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